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Purchased a silver 2004 Prius 1-week ago. After reading the posts here, I can see that I was lucky to get one as easily as I did. Guessing folks here in MS are not as much of a technojunkie as I am.

I really enjoy the handling and quiet ride that the car has. I did get the package with the sound reduction, so that probably helps. I've only got 600+ miles on it so far, so have been gentle during the break-in. I feel like the acceleration is good and there when I need it. Bought the extramile package and the 6-disk changer. Not many extras for me.

Fuel - economy is consistent with what others have posted here. After reading about filling the tank here, I tried slowing down the fill speed at the pump. The pump didn't stop, ended up overflowing about 1/2 gal of gas. Fuel economy has been disappointing, but looks to be improving. I'm mainly just using the on-board calculation.

Tried the steps for turning off that annoying beeping when in reverse - it worked - Thank you for that. Might want one for the seatbelt too (although I do wear it).

Reasons for the purchase - saving money...period. I'm starting back to school in a few months and expect to put 30k+ miles per year on the car. Should save me about $100 in gas compared to the car I traded in. I also have a 4-wheel drive pickup to pull the Toyota out of the mud whenever needed.

Noticed a lot of looks when I drive it around town. End up explaining how it works to a lot of different people. The dealer here only received two models, one is a program car that they aren't supposed to sell, the other is the one I have now.

Thank you guys for the website - I appreciate your posts!
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