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1701-A in the Star Tribune, with 4 photos!!!

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At the top of the front page above the title is a little color photo of my Prius, 1701-A. It's so clear you can even read the license-plate. The wording next to it is "GREENMOBILES", which directs you to the Business section.

On the front page of the Business section, there's a huge photo of me pointing out components under the hood with the title of: "Hybrids go mainstream". Then underneath is a big trimmed-around-the-edge photo of 1701-A. The article begins there, then continues on the back page where you'll find a close-up photo of the Multi-Display. is where you can find the text from the article.
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Finally, a picture of John

Finally, we actually see John in a picture with his Prius. John, you take great pics, but I never saw you in any of them. Keep having fun...........
Re: Finally, a picture of John

> finally, we actually see John in a picture with his Prius

On my About page, there are 2. But the ones in the newspaper are the first ever of me with a beard. I'm kind of bummed about my eyes being puffed up. (That ragweed in the background of the photos triggered an allergy attack.) Otherwise, they're not too bad.

The real benefit is my pull with the salepeople now. Yesterday, I mentioned the article. He looked up and said, "You're the guy!" That will present me with the opportunity to provide a copy of the SELLING-POINTS handout (currently only available online at
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