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I have a 2002 prius which I bought used a year ago. its been a great little car and it only has 129,000 miles on it (98k when i bought it)
The other month I noticed the cars 12V was acting up (car wouldn't start unless everything was turned off) i went to the dealership and they wanted to charge me $550 to replace it. I changed it out a week later and the car was fine.. for 2 days.

While driving to work the lights of doom came on and the car turned off. I took it into another mechanic that my boyfriend uses and after examining it they said it just needed an oil change and fluids and it worked fine.
A month later it started having the same issues of the 12V acting up. I had the codes read and it read the generic P3191 code.. I looked and saw they put 10w30 in instead of 5w30 but i don't think that would cause the car to not charge the 12v.
Codes reset I drove around some more and the car died AGAIN while driving. A jumpstart on the 12v has the car running alright but i noticed that this seems to happen the MOST when i am in heavy stop/go traffic or when I am driving around downtown seattle with a lot of stop/goes.
I'm starting to loose my mind! I don't know if its the coolant pump, mcu or what is causing this to happen! IF it were a regular car I would say the alternator is bad but it doesn't have one! HELP! :crying:
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