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Truly a good news bad news story. The good news is they have more orders than they ever imagined possible to fill. The bad new is that they have more orders than it is possible to fill.

Some prospective buyers will just suck it up and wait and some will defect but it doesn't mean squat to Toyota management (consumate pragmatists). They can't really sell more than they can make. They are selling all they can make as fast as they can make them. At some point they would hit diminishing returns trying to produce more.

There is another market place regulator that can be employed to control demand and keep it within a reasonable margin of sustainable production and that is price. If this feeding frenzy continues without respite for a suficient time, price increases are likely.

I have been somewhat surprised that dealers haven't started taking a little something extra due to the shortage you know. It is the standard automotive dealership response to opportunity.

Interesting how many divergent "stories" there are to explain the shortage in manufacturing. Ask different folks and get different answers, plausible perhaps but factual? I heard it was lack of nav systems which is supported by the scarcity of package #9. All Prii have trasmissions but only some packages are being supplied in good number.

My dealer gets 1 or 2 Prii per month, just no #9 units. If I wanted ANY PRIUS I would have had one for a while.

Psychological theories relating to humans and queues is quite interesting. How long will you wait in queue for what you want before you jump out of line and buy what you can get. At Disneyland clever queues are employed to significanly mask the length of a line by folding it and obscuring much of it to the person coming up and deciding whether or not to get in line. Once time is invested "in line" there is resistance to "losing that investment" and go elsewhere. This is partly what controls checkout counter availability at the super market or Wally World or the bank.

To even conjecture for a moment that Toyota intergalactic headquarters doesn't have an idea of how many of those with orders will wait, how many may switch to other Synergy system Toyotas when available, etc is to be naive in the extreme. The only error they made was in not anticipating the number of folks getting into the queue to buy a Prius.

To repeat the obvious, again... we can be happy or sad or in between but Toyota is sellig all the PRII it can build as fast as they can build them. Until or unless their manufacturing capacity is capable of exceeding demand they couldn't care less how many unsatisfied orders there are in excess of manufacturing capacity since it has zero effect on their sales. So you can wait or not wait. Toyota really doesn't care just now. You can complain any way you want and might even get a shoulder to cry on for a while but that has nothing to do whith getting a Prius.

For those who "FEEL" they just have to do something, practice Tai Chi or yoga. It will help pass the time much more productively than whining.

For the would be zealot initiates, use this waiting time to try to lose some weight so you will get better gas mileage when you finally do get a Prius.

:lol: Pat :lol:
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