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Behmon said:
Though I adore the Prius, I do not agree with how Toyota is handling the pre-existing orders and have canceled mine. I feel much better for it! [/b]Instead, I plan to purchase another car for now and see what technology exists five years from now (I am considering the Civic Hybrid among others).

I am willing to bet that the 2004 Prius is plagued with mechanical problems, due in part to the new technology and in part to the hurried building process as a result of the cult following.

Good luck to you.
I'm sorry that your experience has been so frustrating. Had I not been fortunate enough to "luck" into my new Prius I would be faced with making a decision similar to yours. I've owned two Hondas in the past and considered them both to be fine automobiles. I'm sure their Civic hybrid would serve your needs well.

Obviously, I hope your prediction of mechanical defects plaguing the '04 Prius proves inaccurate. Also, even though I may trigger the wrath of Patrick, I feel compelled to add that "cult" is a word loaded with dangerous baggage and, IMO, should be used cautiously and judiciously. As anyone following this relatively small newsgroup can surely tell, hybrid owners are anything but uniform in their beliefs or practices and would prove very difficult to line up for a communal dose of, well... anything at all. :)

I'm sure that Toyota is just as unhappy with the current situation as you are and hates to find eager customers walking away from their dealerships angry and empty handed. Here's hoping they can overcome the current obstacles quickly and are able to increase their vehicle deliveries without compromising their high quality standards. Good luck to you in your search for an alternative to the new Prius.

Moo :)
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