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dbiltcli said:
I have an order in at two dealers in NJ for about two weeks now. Both called me yesterday. The first one said that because of a shortage of batteries I can expect to wait one year. I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn't. The other dealer told me that if I wanted package #9 it would be four to six months. But, if I changed to package #6 it would be one to two months. So, I changed my package. Is this crazy or what?
I, for one, was told that I would receive my Prius in December (this month) and was later told that it would be six more months or more. As I mentioned in another thread, Toyota is manufacturing the cars fast enough, however, the transmission and battery manufacturers cannot keep up with demand.

I don't know about you, but I expect to receive exactly what I ordered in a reasonable amount of time. If you were at a fine dining establishment would you accept a Happy Meal in place of the Steak and Lobster you ordered!? I would think not. NOT to compare the Prius to food. Rather I am wondering why one would accept a lesser option package when he/she can always wait for what was originally ordered.

What happened to the American consumer? Why are we changing the orders promised to us just to get any car the manufacturer feels like delivering? Will you be happy with your decision once the newness wears off? I bet not.

Though I adore the Prius, I do not agree with how Toyota is handling the pre-existing orders.

I am hoping that the 2004 Prius is not plagued with mechanical problems, due in part to the new technology and in part to the hurried building process as a result of the huge popularity.

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In some ways I agree with your general sentiment, but the Prius is not a steak and lobster meal. If you want to use that metaphor then let's imagine that the restraunt in question was having a deal on Steak and lobster but did not want to order too many lobsters and have them go to waste b/c they weren't sure if the townfolk would like lobster (it's the first time it's been served in that town). Turns out it IS very popular and they run out. They realized, at some point, that they were going to run out and began scrambling to get more shipped in, but there will be a lag. And some customers will gladly wait knowing just how great lobster is, others will not feel that it is worth it. It all comes down to what's most important to you.
Your comments run true. However, folks who "just want to own one now" are accepting less than what they originally ordered just to have a Prius. That is all I was saying.

It seems to me they're trying to streamline the production process by limiting the models they're making and getting them out as fast as possible. Remember, also, that the demand in Japan and worldwide has been similar to the US market and puts further demands on the production capacity.
Toyota has not limited the models that are produced. The availability is based on what Toyota's vendors can deliver to Toyota.

What happened to the American consumer? Why are we changing the orders promised to us just to get any car the manufacturer feels like delivering? Will you be happy with your decision once the novelty wears off? I bet not.
"Novelty"?? Man, either you're looking at this car for the totally wrong reason or you fail to grasp it's genious. You're clearly bitter and upset, but I think you're really getting off base with your reasoning.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your bitterness. I do understand your frustration. I do respect your right to cancel your order and to do what makes you happy. But stomping your foot and sticking our your lower lip serves no good purpose nor does spreading your ill feelings on this board. I don't think your bitterness is shared nor representative of most other people. Making statements that the car will be shodily built based on zero facts is just not reasonable.
You are completely mistaken to think that I am bitter. On the contrary, I have always thought the Prius was genius in car form. Fabulous!? YOU BET! However, even Prius has a novelty phase that all owners go through. Not to mean the Prius is a novelty. True the owners will always be thrilled to own the greatest and most advanced automobile in history. However, how many will kick them selves for accepting less options than what they originally wanted, just to own one sooner? I can guarantee there will be some.

I'm glad you feel better, and it's probably best that you cancelled your order b/c with the attitude you display you almost certainly would have found unacceptable fault with the Prius and not have been happy. I am thrilled with my decision, with 2000 miles and 6+ weeks under my belt in the car my satisfaction is growing daily.
Spoken from the position of an owner, not one who is waiting like most of us out here. I can see your view point, as a satisfied owner, however, I am not looking for fault in any automobile, especially Prius! I am merely pointing out something that I think is quite possible in the rush to build, namely increased mechanical problems. Yes, even Toyota has a history of this!

I'll take that bet...are you interested in money or what? My build is tight, no problems at 2000 miles, the reports of problems are negligilble thus far. Toyota has a great reputation for building great vehicles with minimal problems and long life. I forsee no reason that would change with this vehicle. I refuse to believe they'd lower their standards to meet demand, and, in fact, if your prior arguments about the delays are true it seems that they're not just cranking out vehicles to meet the demand but are maintaining production and putting out vehicles one at a time and getting them to the customers when the vehicle is ready.
Clearly you speak from the perspective of one who is already enjoying Prius ownership. I doubt yours will have any problems because it comes from an early batch ... before the rush and massive back log. My concern is with the later vehicles built to beat the production of the 2005 models.

It is not Toyota that I fear will reduce quality. No. Rather it is the battery and transmission vendor I am most concerned with. Hopefully Toyota manages thier vendors well and avoids any problems. I don't think anyone will intentionally reduce quality but at the same time I would be wary of the sudden rush to manufacture anything. It is a known fact that man made objects fail, and that is without the pressure of deadlines and back logs!

I updated my original post to reduce the "harshness". Sorry.
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