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The following post is from Danny, moderator of the site. I don't think he'll mind that I copied it:


Dear Prius Customer:

Thank you very much for your patronage of Toyota. We are dedicated to providing vehicles of outstanding quality and value.
As part of our continuing efforts to provide superior customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Special Service Campaign
Program, which includes your Prius vehicle.

What is the potential problem?

On certain 2004 Model Year Toyota Prius vehicles, if the vehicles Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit detects a system
fault, the master warning light and/or the hybrid system warning light may illuminate, depending upon the error identified.
If this should occur, the vehicle will enter a failsafe mode. Due to a programming error, if the vehicle is restarted in the
failsafe mode, a secondary condition may occur where the vehicle transmission may not operate smoothly.

What is included in this Special Service Campaign?

Before you are inconvenienced by this condition, Toyota would like to reprogram the HV ECU in your vehicle. Any Toyota
dealer will conduct this service at NO COST to you.
How do you take advantage of this Service Campaign?
Please contact your authorized Toyota dealer to make an appointment to reprogram the HV ECU as soon as possible.
The labor time necessary to reprogram the HV ECU is approximately one hour. However, depending upon the dealers
work schedule, it may be necessary to make your vehicle available for a longer period of time. The Toyota dealer will
make every effort to assure your utmost convenience during this service.
Please present this notice to the Toyota Dealer when you bring the vehicle in for your service appointment.
If you no longer own the vehicle, please indicate so on the enclosed postage paid form, providing us with the name and
address of the new owner.

What if you have other questions?

Please contact any Toyota dealer or call the Toyota Customer Assistance Center at 18003314331.
We have sent this notice in the interest of your continued satisfaction with our products, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience
this condition may have caused you.

Thank you for driving the Toyota Prius.



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Thanks! I'll wait for the letter, thankfully, never have experienced "limp home" mode.

At first I thought this was more dealership BS! Hoss' manager would like to bump your interest rate & this is how he gets you back to Hometown Motors!

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David's letter pretty much says what the service dept. said when I spoke to them yesterday, though the letter goes into greater detail. I was told that it's a 2 hour job and that a very small number of cars need it. From what I saw in his list, only 107 cars in California need this.

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involved VIN

Following is derived from Dealer Letter;
Identification of Involved Vehicles

Nationally, there are approximately 3,500 Model Year 2004 Prius vehicles
involved in this campaign.

2004 Prius KB20U 40001009 - 40012242
2004 Prius KB22U 40001142 - 40012271

NOTE: Not all vehicles in the VIN ranges are involved in this SSC.
Always consult Dealer Daily or TIS to confirm VIN eligibility and
to assure the SSC is applicable. This will verify the vehicle is
involved and has not already been completed by another dealer or
prior to dealer delivery. TMS warranty will not reimburse dealers
for repairs conducted on vehicles that are not affected.

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Interesting-when my dealer called, she specifically said "recall." No matter, it took them a couple of hours to do it and I was on my way. Now if only they could find what's rattling in the back.

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Joel said:
It's not a recall. This error is of no danger to public safty.

I stand corrected, I had assumed a recall was any item that required repair or replacement due to manufacture error, but the NHTSA clearly states that there must be a safety issue.

Thanks for the clarification.
--evan :oops:
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