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Hi All:

___With the 01-03 Prius, Insights, Civic Hybrids, and just about anything else, many can beat the EPA hwy estimates with a number of changes to their driving habits (feathering a cruise or accelerator by decelerating and then accelerating while climbing, cresting, and descending hills, lowering hwy speeds, slow accelerations from lights and signs for the ICE or fast with Assist from the Hybrids, timing lights and toll gates, keeping momentum up even in bumper to bumper with a buffer, surf or straight drafts) as well as a few HW tricks like 44 to 50#s in the tires depending on type and maximum inflations? Anyway, since some of you may be driving your own 04 Prius tomorrow, please keep us informed of your own experiences as to mileage maximums on the hwy in particular. It would be great to hear first tanks vs. tenth tanks as you learn to drive the Prius to its maximums as well as after a few thousand when your break-in is truly over.

___Good Luck and Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1ykhmtmb][email protected][/email:1ykhmtmb]
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