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I remember my insides melting as I watched the car wash team push my '03 Prius through the car wash because it wouldn't restart in neutral.
I kept wondering whether or not that could mess up the power train or the hybrid system Eventually, I started leaving notes in the car saying, "Shift to park to restart"; that didn't work. For my sanity and maybe the car's health, I gave up on that kind of car wash. Now that I have the '04 with its even more unconventional dash, I just ask to ride with the car through the wash.... that actually works. The cashier always says, "yeah man, don't worry, we see a ton of those Prius things (mispronounced)'s okay..." I still insisted on going with the car. When the guy got into the car to drive it to the conveyor line, he had no idea what to do (that's fine..just don't tell me that they do know). Then the whole team asks if it's electric and what kind of mpgs it gets... For all of those who are too sqeamish to take your car to a manned car wash, the solution is easy: just ask to ride with the car...all problems solved. :)
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