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Just a note about chrome wheels - they weigh a more than the same wheel that has been painted. If looks are your main concern, then this is not an issue but if you want to meet or beat the performance and handling characteristics of the OE wheels, you'll need to find some that weigh the same or less. This shouldn't be too tough as Toyota tends to cast their wheels pretty beefy to exceed Japanese safety requirements. Anyhow, if you are shopping for wheels, just pretend like your car is an '03 Corolla for all intents and purposes.

That way you won't have to explain that you have a +42 to +45 offset, 100mm P.C.D., 5 lug pattern, and require a wheel that is no wider that 7 inches.

greenmachine said:
Side View! XM installed easily and WOW what a sound, sounds clearer than CD's. Ceramic tint doesn't interfere with bluetooth. Special New Zealand skins don't interefere with side or curtain airbags. I love this car but need more advise on rims! Want some chrome 16x7's but the offset and PCD makes no sense to me. How do you know where to go and what will fit?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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