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  1. Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    Long story short, my 2007 Toyota Prius has unfortunately stopped working. For reference, the battery was replaced around 120,000 from original owner, and it is currently sitting around 205,000. I did the battery level diagnosis, and it was sitting at 11.6V. Previous to this, I had the check...
  2. Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    I need help. I bought a used Prius 2008 back in December. Two days ago the Prius wouldn't start, just completely dead. We got someone to come and jump-start the car but immediately when the jumper cables were taken off, the Prius died again and the big red exclamation point flashed. I don't...
  3. Electronics and Audio
    Hello all.. 06 w ~135k..2nd owner: owned since 08/28k This month out of nowhere, I had multiple trouble lights appear simultaneously: parking brake, DSC and two others others.. Car seemed to be running fine.. Last time I'd had this many lights was when the main battery pack had given out...
1-3 of 3 Results