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  1. Prius Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hello All, I just installed a new JVC radio in my Prius, got everything wired and installed, and then realized I had no sound coming out of either of the passenger side speakers. After taking everything apart again and checking the wires, it looks like everything is hooked up correctly. I...
  2. Toyota Prius General Discussion
    I read in one forum post the master cylinder on a Prius is warranted by Toyota for 150,000 miles. Can anyone confirm that? Also, read you can negotiate post warranty repairs cost with dealer/Toyota is that correct? I have a 2008 Prius 103,000 miles and master cylinder is proble. respond...
  3. Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    I need help. I bought a used Prius 2008 back in December. Two days ago the Prius wouldn't start, just completely dead. We got someone to come and jump-start the car but immediately when the jumper cables were taken off, the Prius died again and the big red exclamation point flashed. I don't...
1-3 of 3 Results