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  1. Has anyone ran out of gas yet?

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    Running out of Gas voided my warranty I posted about this in the Prius General Discussion the other day, but I now see that here's where I should have joined in.... I ran my 2002 out of gas a few months ago without incident. I got the same scary lights and symbols everyone else here reports...
  2. Warranty and Running out of Gas

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    Thanks for your encouragement, Karen Ann. Just to clarify, though: My Prius is a 2002, not a 2004. It is still well within the 3year/36k warranty period, however, and I imagine we '02 owners still share a lot of the same issues with you '04 owners. Maybe this is one of them. - Eddie
  3. Warranty and Running out of Gas

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    Hey fellow Prius Owners, I just had a very annoying experience with the service center at the dealership where I bought my 2002 Prius 2 years ago. I share it here in the hopes of hearing reactions from any of you that may have had a similar experiences or might have some wise advice, and to...
  4. Open window phenomenon

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    Hi! This is my first post to this fine forum. I've had my 2002 Prius now for over 3 months and am loving it. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and might have some feedback: When driving over 25 mph or so with 2 or more open windows, (especially the rear ones) the air in the...
1-4 of 4 Results