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  1. Next Generation Prius -- no black buttons?!?

    Electronics and Audio
    They updated the Smart Key System. It's now a touch-sensitive lock system instead of a push button. Go up close to one next time and take a look at the door handle. Locate two grooves. That's where the sensor is.
  2. Self Park

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    or Europe. or buy an LS600h L here.
  3. Rear wiper replacement tips?

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    fish, yes but john.. haven't seen him in a while over at PC.
  4. green reflection on windshield

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    Dim the panel or drive on roads with lampposts hehehe. Umm, some have had success with electrician's tape.
  5. 2004 headlight lamp change - need help

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    yeah the headlight is a pain (had to change it several times cause my Silverstars blew out on both sides). The hardest part (or the one that takes the longest time) is replacing the rubber boot. The other stuff like replacig the bulb and putting back the spring is quick and easy. The manual...
  6. Licence plate lamp replacement

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    You know that big black plastic cover on rearside of the hatch door when you open it? (the one with the integrated handle?) That entire piece has to come off. There is quite a number of clips holding it and it took a while to remove (the manual makes it look so easy... "just yank it off" says...
  7. Rear wiper replacement tips?

    Toyota Prius General Discussion (no www) and download the user guide. It has replacement directions.
  8. Dan Man

    hey! there he is!
  9. Do your "Integrated Fog lights" make any difference?

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    By decorative he means they don't add to your visibility but rather are just there so that other people can see you. My foglights don't make a difference in the fog. I have standard halogen lamps but I've upgraded to Phillips X-Treme Power bulbs. It would work best if the headlights were off...
  10. Nokian WR tires ?

    Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    don't know yet. I just got them last month. I have seen 4.7L/100km (50mpg) in near 0°C weather (hitting up to 10°C/50°F at times)
  11. Priuschat Site Update

    Off Topic Discussion
    ouch! I should've deleted some of my useless threads that I started then lol. That might help.
  12. Leather VS Cloth

    Prius Interior
    Because it's not factory leather. it's "port-installed leather" which means the dealer went to an aftermarket place to have leather installed. The cloth armrests and centre console are very very thin. Mine is showing the same marks ehurtley's pictures show but on the driver's armrest. My...
  13. Brakes - Regeneration?

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    Mine's currently rusty lol. (well, it's yellowish.. not the rust spots I usually se. I gotta clean it)
  14. Weak American Dollar spurs export to Canada

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    By VAT I assume you mean duty? That only applies to vehicles made outside of North American and it's 6.1%. Even then, the price of YOUR vehicle is cheaper after all the taxes. Shows you how large the discrepancy is. If you buy a car made in North America, you don't pay duty.
  15. Highlander EV mode

    Toyota Prius General Discussion
    Except naterprius over at PC had his warranty denied b/c of the EV button. Eventually Toyota compromised and replaced the battery under warranty if he removed his EV button.
  16. bypass nav "i agree" from dvd ?

    Toyota Prius - Technical Chat
    It's on all 7.1 disc versions, regardless of vehicle.
  17. US vs. European Prius

    Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    Why does the rear indicator lights have to be changed?? In NA, we have a km/h and MPH button because in Canada we use km/h and US they use MPH so we do have a button to switch between the units.
  18. PriusChat...9/28

    Off Topic Discussion
    down 5:16pm PDT.
  19. US vs. European Prius

    Toyota Prius Technical - Q & A
    headlights. Ours point to the right to illuminate the shoulder and not blind oncoming traffic. I can't remember if Finland is LHD or RHD. If it's LHD, you're ok. I don't know if a rear foglight is a requirement there.
  20. PriusChat...9/28

    Off Topic Discussion
    yeah it has... I just wait a few mins and it's working.. then it slows and so I just wait another few mins before refreshing.
1-20 of 194 Results