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It may be helpful to all you newbies to know that if your dash lights all go out (and at some point they will) there is an extended warranty, but it usually just misses you. Yes, that is by design. At any rate, the issue is likely the combination meter if all your dash lights go out, but your car still runs. You may also have issues getting it to turn off.

I found a fix for mine that took seconds and didn't involve me spending any money. It was from someone who had already spent money fixing his and then still had to use this sequence to turn it back on.

1. Without stepping on the brake press the start button
2. Now press and hold the "info" button while turning the headlights on and off 3 times.
3. When the diagnostic screen appears on the console, press the start button without stepping on the brake.
4. Display comes on and you can now turn the car off and start normally with display.

For me, the screen did not turn on so I just pressed the power button and the lights all came on. I pressed the brake and power then everything came on. I almost cried because I thought I would have to spend at least $600-800 to get this fixed.

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