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[email protected] 02-20-2018 10:07 AM

Replacing brakes
My 2011 Prius has done 126,000 miles and the front brakes at 4 and the rear brakes are 2.
My dealer says I need to change both front and rear brakes because if I don't do them at the same time I will have problems.
I would like to only change the rear brakes now and wait until the front ones are 2 which might be in a years time.

Does anyone agree that I can wait on the front brakes or do I need to do then all now..

Rgds Peter

patrick_g 03-05-2018 04:02 PM

I'd want to get a little better (engineering sound) explanation before I committed one way or the other.

Our 2004 Prius is still running around with its original brake pads and shoes (almost 150,000 miles.) We get a free dealer oil change every 5000 miles and have all maintenance and inspections in the Toyota manual done regular as clockwork. This includes inspection of pads, rotors, shoes and drums while they are rotating the tires. If we needed a brake job they would be happy to tell us so they could sell us something. I don't think they expected us to keep the car this long when we negotiated free lifetime oil changes (parts, labor, disposal)

Patrick (2004 Prius with almost 150,000)

vjeong 04-07-2018 12:59 AM

It depends what 4 and 2 are. It also depends if your rear brakes are drum brakes or disk. Disk brake pads usually start around 10 millimeters, rum brake shoes usually start at 4 to 5 millimeters. Assuming the dealer was using standard measuring tools your front brakes are at 4 millimeters or 40% life left based on a 10 millimeter pad thickness. i.e. 10mm =100% , 9mm =90% and so on. The difference comes in brake shoes. 2 mm could be 50% life left if the shoe started at 4 millimeters in thickness.

Our repair shop does not recommend to replace pads or shoes until they get 30% or lower to our customers. with the way a Prius brakes, using regenerative braking, it may be a long time before you use up 2mm of front pads.

How do you tell if your rear brakes are disc brakes or drum brakes? If you can see behind the wheel and the rear brakes looks very similar to the front brakes ; then you have rear disc brakes. If your rear brakeslooked covered up and you can not see the brake caliper, then most likely you have drum brakes.

Take your car to another mechanic for a second opinion. Firestone and other shops offer free brake inspections. Some will even invite you back to see what they are talking about.

Good Luck.

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