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Default Prius key replacement for less

Originally Posted by ;117014
A heads up to all Prius owners: be extra careful not to lose your key. When I returned from a by-air trip, I discovered I'd lost my key. I called Toyota for a replacement and discovered it costs $191 plus tax and a charge for programming, which was quoted at $98!!! So, I'm not ordering it unless I and lose my remaining key. I'm writing to Toyota HQ to complain about the cost and the lack of notice of this cost. I understand it's due to the computer and anti-theft programming.
I'm in Canada. Toyota just quoted me $550 for a new key for my 2012. It's $280 for the FOB, plus $100 to program it, and $100 to cut the new manual key for door entry, plus taxes. I went to, and bought an OEM fob for $115. They have "deprogrammed" it, or whatever they need to do to make it like new again. A simple used fob won't work, they say. I took it to an automotive locksmith, who charged me $50 to program the fob (took about 10 minutes) and $50 to cut the manual key (took 3 minutes). So I am into it for about $215. Beats $550. replacemyremote provides instructions should the locksmith need them, and a toll free number he can call if he runs into trouble. You need to get a real automotive locksmith. The first place I called told me I had to go to Toyota. Not so.
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