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Captaindan 08-23-2016 03:06 AM

2005 Prius stops after about :15.
Hello, My Dad used to contribute to this group until he passed away 2 years ago and I inherited his beloved Prius. 2005 has 170,000 miles. Thursday morning at 230am I went to start my Prius and it came on with no ready light and then every thing started flashing and the PS error came on the screen. I could drive using the electric until it clicked over to the gas and then it would lose power. Since then I have put in a new 12V Battery and scanned the codes. First time it was 1) U0100 Lost Communication with ECM/PCM. 2)U0393 and 3) U0293 Lost Communication With Hybrid Powertrain Control Module. I reset the codes and the same thing happened although I was able to drive the around the block and then at some point in my driveway it lost power again. I ran the codes again and it was 1)U0293 Lost Communication with Hybrid Powertrain Control Module. 2)U0100 Lost Communication with ECM/PCM and 3)U0393. I notice that when I open the Driver side door there is a click that sounds like something failed. Thats before I even do anything. Usually something turns, not sure what turns on but my Dad used to tell me what it was. Not sure what to do? I was hoping this was something I can fix myself. I take care of my Mom so this has been a challenge.
Thanks, Danny

Captaindan 08-28-2016 01:09 AM

Update: I had the car towed to Lucious Garage in San Francisco, my Dad loved that place. After I told them that a recently had found a Rat in the Glovebox they found a wire that was cut in half probably from a Rodent. The Tech Soldered the wire and now the car works again with no errors. One of my Dads posts was about how to keep Rodents out of the Cabin Filter. Ill update again when I find out what wire it was.

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