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Regarding your note "do you see 2 more symbols to the right of the reporting "!" icon in the lower right corner of each post"; no, I do not see anything next to the "!" icon.

I really appreciate your efforts, because if the SPAM continued like it was for quite awhile, I was about to abandon this site. My son has some experience with BBS software. I'll see if he can shed any light on how other sites handle the SPAM automatically.

Last year, the government made some progress putting a couple of spammers in jail. I wish they could do more. These people seem to have no other goal in life but to make money off of the masses and cause grief. It's a real shame that so much effort is necessary to offset their lack of ethics. (They just need their moms to give them a good spanking!)

In any case, thanks; your help is greatly appreciated. Now, if we could just get some new members in here, and get some of the oldtimers back, to breathe some new life into this site.

I'd really like to hear more info on the 2010 plug-in Prius, as I am thinking about buying one more Prius before I retire.
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