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Morning, ehurtley, firepa63, & Phoenix,

I'm not sure what members who are not moderators see in the topics when they visit here. I probably see this site somewhat different from what the 2 of you see because of my newly assigned powers. You guys tell me, do you see 2 more symbols to the right of the reporting "!" icon in the lower right corner of each post, (I do)? Do you guys see a list of posts when you click on the "View unanswered posts" phrase (just below the log-in area at the top left of the main page)? I do most of my deletions from that list because it's easier to just keep clicking away (deleting) from that one page until they're all done, than to go through all the different topics to hunt for the ones that need to go. Each page from that list has 50 entries. I wasn't home last night & I got rid of 2 1/2 pages (about 125 spams) from the courtesy computer in the hotel I was at around 7:00PM. I just did only about 15 more that were there this morning just before I started to type this message out.

You were right for a while about most of the spams appearing in the "Help" topic before I inadvertently became a moderator, but now I seem to find most of them in the "Off topic/General & General Cars" categories (according to that list I start with). Some of the ones in my list of unanswered posts appear as simple spam posts, but others appear in that list with a green ? mark after them (meaning they are awaiting approval). Anything in that list (whether followed by a "?" or not) is a simple 2-click deletion for me because nobody has responded to them (if they even appear to you guys) or because they're not attached to anybody else's post or thread.

Once I have finished with that list, I then go to each topic & scroll down looking for a green ? mark after a THREAD (meaning there is a post awaiting approval ATTACHED to/in that thread). Getting rid of one of these requires more work & more care (it's not just the one click prior to the "Delete, Yes or No" choice click). If I do that the whole thread disappears [I found out the hard way by accident, when by doing that, I wiped out a 3-post thread (no real loss as the other posts were by a dealer about his upcoming allocations & what was currently on his lot---all back in 2006)]. To get rid of one of the ATTACHED "Awaiting Approval" spams, I first have to click on a different icon, then decide on whether to "lock" or "delete" the post first, before I click on the " Delete, Yes or No" box (then the rest of the thread remains). With the speed of the number of deletions I've been doing, it would be easy to get confused & accidentally do an unintended THREAD deletion from within each topic, so that's why I start with the "View unanswered posts" list (that's where 90% of the spams appear for me). After those have been deleted, then I go into the slower & more careful mode of getting rid of the rest of the ATTACHED spams by scrolling through each of the individual topics.

By the way, when I mentioned close to the end of the 2nd paragraph above "(if they even appear to you guys)", that was because when I see a post followed by the green ? (Awaiting approval) in a topic, that post's author & posting time & date DON'T appear/AREN'T included in the "Last post" column at the right side of the "Board Index" page for that particular forum/topic (however, I do see both on the topic page once I click on the main category from the board index---what about you guys, either place?). I think you guys only see the unanswered spams that for some reason have gotten in here without needing to await approval (I don't know how that happens). Anyway, I'm doing the best that I can to keep this site as clean as possible for all of you (no applause necessary, just throw money). Have a nice weekend!

Ken (in Bolton,Ct) 2005 Pkg #4 (AM)
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