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If you can't relate "L" to exactly the same desires in a standard car folks have been driving for years just to keep things standard and easily explainable then there is little room for discussion. The Honda and the prius use "B" and "L" for exactly the same reason. Only thing is, the "Civic" driver has never been confused. The use of the selectors is explained almost identical in both owners manuals.
In a a prop driven aircraft to go into reverse you pull the throttle levers into "reverse" which changes the pitch in the propellers into a reverse pitch setting while pulling the same throttles further back adds more power for stopping.
In a jet aircraft when you pull the throttles back into "reverse thrust" as you continue back you actually add more thrust to the engines while extending diverters to change the direction of the airflow coming out of the back of the engines. (simplified)
Toyota actually promoted the Prius as a "standard" automobile but then added more than a couple of systems for the "technies" that actually refuted this exclamation.
Honda took a standard Civic and put a hybrid system into it but the only evidence of this in the Civic is by a couple medallions affixed to the body. When my son "lends" his Civic to a friend the only thing he has to explain is that it is perfectly normal for the engine to shutdown at every stopsign.

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