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Originally Posted by jeromep
I have the gray Weathertechs and they look great. The color match is fairly good, but they are on the floor and blend in with the carpet very well. I'd attach a picture, but I don't have digital photography... yet.

They fit well, but they are not a floor "pan" or "tray". The edges near the lower door threshold are not covered, but that isn't a huge issue if you vacuum the interior every now and then and pick up any dust or dirt that may accumulate between the door threshold and the mat.

The Weathertech mats hold everything you drag in, from dust and dirt, to gravel to snow/slush and rain. If dirt or water fall of your shoes in the car, the mat will contain it until you can remove it or it evaporates. The Weathertech mats also are easy to clean. Pressure washing them at the carwash works well, or scrubbing them down when you wash the car really cleans them up.

For the price, you can't beat them.
Now that I go back and look I see what your saying. But still, all edges are higher than the floor, right, not 'lipped' near the door and towards under the seat, but still higher?

I ordered the front, back and cargo liners today!! wohoo!
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