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Default Re: BUG? Navigation System MUTES bluetooth phone call in 2007

Yup, I have the same issue with my 2007 Prius. Since this is my first Prius (and first in-car bluetooth experience) I just assumed that is how it was supposed to work. I thought it was a "feature" not a "bug."

I agree it is quite annoying. There I am driving to an unknown destination via GPS. I want to place a call to my wife so I push the steering wheel "phone" button and the MFD changes to the speed dial screen. I tap the button for my wife -- then I hit the destination button on the MFD to get back to the map. All audio cuts out for about 3-5 seconds while the map is reloaded followed by the GPS voice announcing my next move ("proceed for 12 more miles on I-5 North") which is another 3-5 seconds. As long as my wife doesn't pick up on the first ring everything is ok!

I don't think I necessarily want the GPS voice to be completely muted while I'm on a call (since I'm relying on it to get me to my destination) but I would like to be able to carry on a conversation simultaneously.
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