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Default Re: Leather VS Cloth

Originally Posted by Doug L
The wife and I are in the search for a Prius. My question is about leather vs cloth interior. We have looked at several Prius's with the leather package and the armrests are still cloth. Does anyone know why this is? Also, I would appreciate some feedback from owners with cloth interiors as to how fast the console and armrest get "soiled" and as to the frequecy they need to be cleaned. Also do they clean up easily and look as good as new. As a side note, our present and last 3 vehicles have had leather and we like the ease of cleaning, especially the consloe and armrests, but we are open to a cloth interior. Thanks
Because it's not factory leather. it's "port-installed leather" which means the dealer went to an aftermarket place to have leather installed.

The cloth armrests and centre console are very very thin. Mine is showing the same marks ehurtley's pictures show but on the driver's armrest. My centre console looks ok.

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