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Default Re: fluctuation in bars on energy monitor

Originally Posted by davotto
I have been noticing that the energy monitor bars on the dash screen are starting to fluctuate rather quickly; i can go from 1 green bar down to 2 pink bars in a matter of 10 minutes driving (usually in town, but a couple times on long distance trips). Do any of you have the same situation? Or i will park the car with 5 or 6 blue bars showing, and when i start up the car an hour later or so, it has gone down to 2 pink bars. At one point on a trip up the mountains (a one time occurance as i live in the flat desert), i got down to only one pink bar. But the car always replenishes back to blue and sometimes to green. Have any of you experienced this?
Here is the first post. It didn't have anything to do with saving energy. Though what you are suggesting probably works if that is what you are trying to do. I get 50-52 MPG while keeping myself comfy all the way.
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