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Seems to me that enabling 'typing in' information to the NAV system would be even worse than dialing your cellphone and talking while driving. I believe Toyota is just right to disable entering info into the NAV while the Prius is in motion. To enter info., you must divert your attention away from the road and go through several layers of menus... just doesn't make sense. So what's the big deal about pulling over for a minute and entering info.? If you're really in that big a rush, you didn't start your drive soon enough. If you will take a look at this link (the Lexus NAV online DVD), you will note that some NAV commands can be accomplished by voice. This is the same NAV system as the Prius, only the dash buttons are different on the Prius. ... s_nav.html

Remember how people objected to seat belts when they became standard operating practice?

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