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However, I believe the facts posted by Hamaka are those which have been looked at by a lot more manufacturers than Nissan.
I think what Toyota has done is commendable. The result though being fantastic in engineering circles is a far cry from a standard automobile.

It will be interesting to see what the Daimler/Chrysler, GM, and Ford coalition come up with to be a viable contender to the hybrid movement.

I guess what I am trying to indicate is that I believe the Camry hybrid is really not as good an all around automobile as the Camry V6. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

Hamaka did not indicate whether he has driven a Prius in the same mode as the Opal. Might have been a better indicaton. I know we can read just about any figure on the indicators in the car but the weekly fill-up at the pump tells the real story on milage.

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