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I have gone to several dealers here in LA, and most of them say that all the 2005 have already been reserved. We have made a deposit for a 2006 Prius.

The only dealers with 2005 cars on the lots are those selling it for over the msrp, several thousand over!

Although we have made a deposit for a Pruis since early November, they say we are down on the waiting list and won't get it until January sometime. This dealer gets about 50-60 Pruises a month (they said).

And although we really need a car soon, and can't wait for this one to finally come, we've decided that it would be better to purchase it anyway in 2006, because of that great TAX CREDIT!

Thanks for telling us that that applies to all hybrids. But isn't the tax credit proportional to the efficiency of the gas used in the hybrid? For instance, wouldn't the tax credit on the Highlander or the Honda Accord be lower?
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