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Originally Posted by Jonnycat26
Originally Posted by hyperion
1. The new front seats will be power adjustable.
2. The dash will be fully instrumented.
3. The steering wheel will be both adjustable and telescoptic.
4. The shift lever will be on the steering column and will indicate "P", "N", "D", "B" and "R".
5. The cruise control stalk will be eliminated and the cruise will be operated by three lighted buttons on the wheel denoting "on, off"( one button), "select", and "resume."

And that ought to be enough to get some 04's traded in!
If that's true, wow.

If not, Toyota should fire someone and hire you.

And if I may add one...

6. The parking brake will be between the seats, where it belongs, instead of positioned in the 1960s American car style.
With the new in-the-way tall center console, I suppose that they could move the parking brake to the center. (don't know if the hybrid lines under that center hump will be an issue, though.) For the Classic Prius, Toyota specifically didn't want the parking brake on the center hump, and had a low center console, to help the driver slide over to the passenger seat easily (for those tight parking spaces in Japan where you can't get out of one side of the car). Also, the lack of a center parking brake also got the original Japanese Prius voted "the best car to make out in" in an issue of Japanese Penthouse magazine...

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