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Originally Posted by stevewa
Not my point. The fact is you end up with higher pressures if you overfill. If you overfill enough you will eventually find the weakest seal in your crankcase (by blowing it).

Originally Posted by hyperion
The engine oil pump has no idea of the quantity available, or cares. Hopefully it just keeps on pumping and pumping.
The key term is overfilling "enough." The amount of oil pressure being pumped up toward the top of the engine through the oil channels is going to be a function of the pump, not the oil level in the case. In a true overfill situation the crank ends up splashing oil all around in the sump causing the bottom of cylinders and pistons to be over lubricated. I can also see where stevewa would see there being an issue with blowing a seal in the crankcase, but this just isn't possible on a 4 qt fill on the Prius. That isn't an overfill situation like what you are thinking about that would cause engine failure.

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