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Absolutely no offense taken of any kind. The internet is great for finding info not otherwise available in this large world. The threads seem to work their way around to dozens of subjects and hopefully each more interesting than the original. Dial up "E" bay and go to "Hummer" to see what all the noise is about. A couple surplus hit the streets several years ago, brought tremendous prices and GM decided to throw some amenities into some and put them on the civilian market, We had something called a "Jeep" that did pretty well. Like other ex-military vehicles the Hummers" didn't do to well on the milage figures but what the heck, when they appeared Gas was a buck twenty five a gallon. They have developed a following just as the Prius but much less in numbers because of the price. You will find several on "E" bay used above $100,000.
Because they are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Prius have become a "target" on this site. They "are what they are" and they are made in America. They do seem to be the vehicle of "choice" in Iraq where there is no shortage of gas as long as you can rely on Halliburton.

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