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It was originally aired last year on 12th Dec. Interestingly enough, the rest of the show included the Mustang, SLK vs. Boxster, and Murciélago vs. Evo VIII MR FQ400.

Like KMO pointed out, he got the 0-60mph time wrong (13.5sec?!?!?)

JC: "They all somehow have been convinced that by driving one of these, the tasmanian fruitbat will come back to life, that GM crops will be uninvented and that the earth will once again cool down."

and some more errors

"In essence, it's an electric car..."

And he also goes on and claims it's so quiet (in EV mode) that a kid will run into the street and get hit by you cause he didn't hear you coming. Oh wait, the Prius is so slow, that the kid will run into the street, retrieve his ball and grow to puberty before you ever reach him.

See the problem is, the Lupo is tiny (smaller than a Golf), has a tiny engine and will not save baby seals since it produces more particulates. Perhaps an European can help us give the specs and features cause I doubt it'll be well equipped.

In summary, he does love his Ford GT.

I like Jeremy's humour but I just think he has a big ego

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