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I have to wonder what year Prius he drove and how he drove it.

I don't know what a diesel Lupo is. What is the mileage, emissions, and size on that thing?

Slower? Did he use the European EV button and never let the car operate the way it was intended?

He also failed to mention that the Prius is cleaner than the diesel. But I notice all cars used to compare gas mileage to the Prius are either a lot dirtier (like the diesels) or a lot smaller (like the Honda Insight).

There is no comparable car that can provide 1. mileage, 2. low emissions, 3. size and 4. power that the Prius has. Not all four.

But this guy was never going to give the Prius a fair review. Notice the terms such as "fluffy bunnies" and "proper engine".
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