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Default Top Gear (BBC) Prius Review

Last week, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Prius in the Top Gear TV program. I missed the telecast. However, I found the following review at BBC Top Gear website :


We sometimes get criticised for smacking the environment around the chops with a barrel of oil on Top Gear. It's not our intention to hurt the planet and its fluffy bunnies, though. So we thought, let's have a look at the Toyota Prius, which is a new hybrid car, containing both a standard petrol engine and an electric motor.

The theory behind this is simple: Use the electric motor for city driving, and the proper engine for motorways. The theory is great, but there are problems. First, the petrol consumption is awful - it manages less than a diesel Lupo, which defeats the point totally. What's worse, is that it's slower than a diesel too, which is really bad news, unless driving above 30mph scares you.


Would be interested to hear about other Prius user comments.
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