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Default Door ding close call

I park way out in the boonies at grocery stores, etc. to avoid the drivers who open their car doors like a Canada Goose taking off. I also apply magnetized door protectors when I have to park between cars.

Yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble. I parked and slapped on the protector passenger's side (the other side was against an island with bushes), having parked close because it was raining buckets. After I walked in the front door I stopped and realized I'd left the cell in the car. As I watched, a large woman pulled up beside my Prius in a Ford Explorer, threw open her door full open SO HARD IT KNOCKED THE MAGNETIC GUARD OFF THE DOOR. She fumbled with an umbrella and noticed the protector. SHE THEN KICKED IT UNDER MY CAR AFTER REALIZING SHE HAD WUMPED IT OFF MINE.

I met her halfway in and confronted her, saying politely that I had watched her wump my car. I told her that if she was lucky and the plastic she kicked under my car had worked, she would not have to pay for any bodywork. Her mouth fell open and she mumbled something about rain and umbrella and it was not her problem. Of course I was ready to call the police.

I checked my door and no marks were evident. The plastic guard had no marks. I also noticed that she had parked ALMOST ON THE WHITE LINE SEPARATING THE SPACES.

The $35 I paid for the guards is now justified. Yes they look goofy in parking lot, and yes they could be easily stolen, but hey... no ding!!!!
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