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The very first fill-up is not a good indication of mileage. The dealer may not have filled it the same way you do. Also, before delivering the car to you, the dealer is supposed to charge your High-Voltage battery to condition it. This is done by running the engine (with the computers in a special mode). If they filled the tank prior to conditioning the battery, instead of after, you'll have a bunch of idle time holding back your mileage. Finally, there's the "infamous" bladder in the gas tank which changes size with temperature, so you can't even get true mileage readings from one fill-up in any case. You need a running average over several fill-ups to get an idea of true overall mileage.

Although it makes mileage calculation difficult, the bladder is a good thing. It prevents the Prius from expelling raw gasoline vapors (hydrocarbons) into the atmosphere when parked and while filling up the tank.

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