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Default Re: Smart Key not working

hello, and thanks for your reply. Yes, I intend on checking the pressure. For some reason, the gas station I went to last had no air pump, so I post poned it. Then, the tire pressure alert light went off, so I thought maybe something electrical was going on. But the increase in warm weather makes sense. Also, here is the string where another person mentioned her smart key not working after her tire pressure light was cleared. It's a little different from my situation, as I didn't have my alert light cleared. I also tried the remedy that was suggested to her: making sure the "key" button under steering wheel was in the out position. I just thought the tire pressure light/smart key thing was kind of curious.


Also, I replaced both batteries in my key fob within the last few months. I suppose it is possible that one of the batteries I used to replace it was already a little old. But, when I put it in my key fob it worked beautifully, as the fob had completely died.

Any other ideas as to why my key fob works, but the smart key buttons near the door handles just angrily beeeeeeeeeeeeeep at me when I push them?

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