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Default Smart Key not working

I have 2006 Prius with all the bells and whistles. Recently the smart key stopped working. I can not lock/unlock the car by pushing the door handle button or walking up to the car with the keyfob in my purse. The locks only work if I use the button on the keyfob. When I push the button near the door handle it just beeps for a long time.

I tried pushing the "key" button under the steering wheel at the bottom of the dash, but that simply turned off the smart key altogether and didn't fix the problem.

This may be unrelated, but I saw tire pressure mentioned with another smart key problem on this site. My tire pressure light appeared for a few days, then it went away without me adding air....about the same time my smart key stopped working.

How can I get the smart key working again? Could this be a serious computer problem? Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not!
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