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Default Re: Master Warning Light

The Prius is 2004 with 120,000 miles on it.

It happened again today driving TO work, on surface streets about 4 miles from home and 2 miles before getting on the freeway.
Going DOWN a downgrade about 50 miles per hour with foot on neither brake nor accelerator.
Master Warning Light flashed on briefly with no message on the MFD, no other warning lights and no change in performance. I drove the rest of the way including about 22 miles of freeway with no further incident.
Before this trip, I had driven several local errands today without incident.

The only other times I have ever seen the Master Warning Light flash is a couple of times when (at very slow speeds) I made the mistake of opening the driver door, but when that happened it was accompanied by an MFD message, which is what the manual says should happen, and I could associate it with a specific cause.


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