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Well Hyperion, I can say from experience that "normal" smallish cars suffer at least as much as the Prius from cold weather lowering the fuel economy. Last winter I rented a small Suzuki for over a month. It burned 12 l/100 km (call it 20 MPG US). My Prius burns around 6 l/100 km (39 MPG US) in similar temps. Larger vehicles do suffer less, probably because they waste so much all the time. The anti-Prius (2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE) burned 14 l/100 km in the summer and 17 l/100 km in the winter. I would expect a "larger" hybrid to perform similarly - such as the Highlander or Lexus 600h.

So far, my experience with the traction battery has been good at cool temps. We haven't been down to -30C yet, but two weeks of -15 to -22C caused no problems. No sluggish operation, easy to start. Car warms up in a few minutes, and I don't bother with my block heater as I can't predict when I'll be driving the car. My car sat for several days of no use lots of times during those weeks. I will be reporting on the -30 to -40 degree effects in the next few months.

For operation in Mongolia I'd be sure to purchase a Scangauge II so you can watch things a little more closely, and block the grills in the winter.

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