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Originally Posted by hyperion
First time I've seen pictures of the installation. Correct me if I am wrong but donot the instructions say remove the brace already there and install the new one with the longer bolts supplied? My guess would be that the same holes in the frame are used. If so Toyota has already corrected any problem in 04 and has seen no reason to change anything!
I'll admit to doing a little reading between the lines but that was the reason for my statement.
Toyota has done everything possible to save weight, and you are talking spending $160.00 just to change a brace designed by the manfacturer three years ago!
Have you read through that entire thread? Have you listened to what people say about the marked improvement in performance?

And the suggestion that Toyota made the part and hasn't changed it so it must be the best is just silly, really. They leave the Integrity tires, they cut lots of little corners to save on cost. The Annodized aluminum plate is much stronger and not much heavier than the OEM bar, but cost of manufacturing is makes perfect sense that since the Prius isn't sold as a performance car that they would not put a lot of effort into performance parts.

I'm not saying you have to buy this or that the car is of lesser value for the lack of it, but for me it makes for a firmer nicer more stable ride.

BTW, the bolts are only longer b/c of the way the new plate attaches, not that they screw in any further.

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