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Default Re: re: total toyota hybrids in US

Originally Posted by mpruis
when would you expect would be the latest day in 2006
to purchase a toyota hybrid and still qualify for the tax credit?
isn't this when toyota sells 60,000 vehicles in US?
1. Assume that you purchase a new Prius (not lease or purchase a used Prius)

2. Assume that you can take the credit (you aren't hit with AMT or similar)

3. Assume that you are asking for the US Federal income tax hybrid vehicle credit (and not asking about some individual states' income tax credits, like for OR or CO or WV or...)

4. Assume that you mean the sunset of any hybrid tax credit for a Toyota vehicle... (Full credit through the quarter after the manufacturer reaches 60,000 US sold hybrids, then 50% of the full credit for the following 2 quarters, then 25% of the full credit for the following 2 quarters, then the credit is gone for that manufacturer's hybrids.)

My guess based on the January 2006 and previous months' US sales data is that the 60,000 units will be sold sometime in 2006Q2. So, full credit Jan. 1 2006 through end of 2006Q3, 50% credit 2006Q4-2007Q1, 25% credit 2007Q2-3, and no credit 2007Q4.

But I may have to revise my estimates when the Feb. sales numbers come in next week, and if I have misunderstood the phaseout period for the US federal income tax hybrid credit.

But, based on my current estimates, you have through the end of Q3 in 2007 to still qualify for the tax credit. (If you mean the full credit, then probably Sept. 30, 2006.)

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