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Please read my thread in your other post regarding wanting to "reprogram" the vehicle. That will answer your desires regarding backup beep and seatbelt beep. I'll say it here also, search the site, instructions on how you defeat them using a series of button presses and powerup procedures is all over the place.

I'm shooting from the hip here. Simply put, this vehicle requires 2 things for any kind of software update. A THHT (Toyota Hand Held Tester), which is then loaded with any software updates that Toyota may produce for the vehicle. Those software updates do indeed come down from TIS. And that of course leads to the second thing it needs, a properly trained Toyota Master tech and a connection to TIS for Toyota written updates.

From what I can tell, the onboard systems do not have any ability to handle upload, download of software or data on their own. An ODB II compliant device, specifically a THHT, is necessary to start those operations on the vehicle. And further from that point, I'm inclined to believe that onboard software cannot be downloaded into the THHT or any other device. In other words, softare has a one way trip, from the THHT to the computer's nonvolital storage. The tester cannot download the current software to itself. I'm also inclined to believe that as part of the upload process for any software updates, the software on the THHT goes through some kind of "transformation" between the hand held device and the vehicle. This could be nothing more than some kind of deencryption or decompression. Either way, in the case of SSC 50p, I'm pretty sure the software residing on the THHT for upload to a vehicle that needs the update will be in a different format once it is onboard the vehicle. Toyota wouldn't leave the software in a state where it could be harvested from a THHT, reverse engineered or modified.

The best you are going to be able to do is enjoy devices such as Scan Gauge which is a read only ODB II device that many here really like for moitoring coolant temperatures, rpm and other operating conditions of the vehicle. I'm going to get one this spring. Plus, it can be used on any ODB II vehicle you wish to read the codes and operating conditions from.

This car is not user programmable. Just as the label says on many products, "No user serviceable parts inside."

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